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Have you ever wondered what kind of name Krusteaz was? Probably not, you’re just here for the Krusteaz coupons right? Well, in the small chance that you were interested, Krusteaz is a combination of the words crust and ease. This is because the first product was an easily made piecrust. That was back in 1932 when the “just add water” concept was pretty new. Today the Krusteaz brand offers a lot more than just piecrust mixes. Take a peak below to see a list of some of their products, that way you’ll know exactly what Krusteaz coupons you really want.

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The Krusteaz website has a newsletter that you can sign up to get. You are a lot more likely to get Krusteaz coupons if you are getting the Krusteaz newsletter. The other places you can go for news, contests, promotions, and maybe even Krusteaz coupons are social media sites. The world runs on social media these days so whenever you are looking for a coupon from any company, you should check all the social media sites to which you belong.


Here is a list of some of the products that Krusteaz offers.


Pancake/Waffle mixes:
•          Buttermilk
•          Blueberry
•          Apple spice
•          Original
•          Wheat and honey
•          Chocolate chip
•          Low fat oat bran
•          Fat free buttermilk

Cookie mixes:
•          Sugar
•          Snicker doodle
•          Chocolate chunk
•          Peanut butter
•          Oatmeal
Muffins and quick breads:
•          Blueberry
•          Orange cranberry
•          Almond poppy seed
•          Lemon blueberry
•          Apple cinnamon
•          Banana
•          Oat bran
•          Chocolate chip
•          Pumpkin spice
•          Corn bread
•          Cinnamon crumb cake


Dessert mixes:
•          Classic pound cake
•          Lemon bars
•          Key lime bars
•          Pecan bars
•          Raspberry bars
•          Apple crisp
•          Berry cobbler
•          Peach cobbler
•          Rich fudge brownies
•          Gingerbread cake and cookie mix
•          Italian herb
•          Sourdough
•          Honey wheat berry
•          Cracked wheat
•          Country white, and cinnamon raisin