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While growing up on a dairy with milk cows and farm animals, the early morning meal of the day was most important to give us strength for the day. Our main course for that meal was most often ground wheat cooked to a mush. We ate this mush so often and almost every day that it was a rare occasion to get to taste milk on Post Toasties Corn Flakes. At school, our teachers allowed us to have a midmorning snack, which was usually carrot sticks, apples, or some other easy to prepare food. On a particular day at school, the teacher announced that she was going to make the midmorning snack for us that day. To my pleasant surprise she said we were going to receive hot cereal. I was extremely excited to get some cereal even if it was hot because my mind pictured the only kind of cereal I had known, which was the rare Post Toasties Corn Flakes.


When the teacher brought out the steaming pot of hot cereal, to my great disappointment it was similar to the cooked mush we had at our farmhouse. After a few moments of awkward confusion and adjustment to the situation, my disappointment gradually turned to appreciation. If my teacher thought this mush was a treat to the class, I figured I had a great mother who gave us this treat every day at home. I grew in gratitude that day for our common cracked wheat mush. On those rare times we acquired a box of Post Toasties Corn Flakes, my gratitude soured. Now a bowl of Post Toasties was elevated to the precious gems category. Since that childhood experience, I think I will enjoy Post Toasties for life.


As a growing teenager with new interests of every kind, another Post cereal hit the markets, which I craved even more than the Post Toasties. It was Post Bran Flakes, followed by Post Raisin Bran. Hard work and rigors of each day developed a roaring appetite for me. I could eat three or four bowls a meal of Post Raisin Bran if I could get access to a box of it. I loved the taste and filling effect I received. The only one who could top off my enjoyment of the Raisin Bran was my Irish Grandmother. Each visit at her house was a pleasurable dip into her national treasury of every Post cereal that existed in the markets.


Now that I am grown, my family can try one Post cereal after another as we please and at a price we can afford, especially since we use Post Cereal Coupons.  After the continuous mush as a child, I can never get tired of Post cereals.

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